On Wednesday We Wear Pink

On Wednesday We Wear Pink
On Wednesday We Wear Pink


Friday, April 30, 2010

New Polish Choice

I showed my boyfriend my beautiful nail polish color, and he said that it was definitely going to be too bright for work, so I changed it to Avalanche by China Glaze. It's a pretty shimmery dark lilac color. I can't wait until summer classes start, because then I will no longer be scheduled at Carrabba's unless I pick up shifts. Then I can wear For Audrey. YAY!!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Obsession!

So I am still trying to buy a car. But that didn't stop me today when I went by Sally's Beauty Supply, and I saw they had all nail polishes Buy 2 Get 1 Free. OH YEA! So I proceeded to grab a basket and head straight for the China Glaze polishes. They are originally priced at $5.99 ($4.49 for Beauty Club Card Holders) and I had a 15% coupon for spending $25 last month. So I could pay $3.82 for 1 nail polish. I was able to buy 3 nail polishes for a little less than $7.75. I was in polish heaven. I ended up buying 15 nail polishes....FIFTEEN!! Granted, 3 of them were for my little sister, who had driven me to my doom. But still, am I on drugs or something....? No, I'm just slightly obsessed with my nails. But it's ok. Among the 15 nail polishes I purchased was a pretty light aquamarine, called For Audrey. ( See image...lol)

OMG...It is gorgeous! I also bought a base and a top coat (they were among the 15 I got today.) The one nail polish I went in there to get was Ruby Pumps.
It is even more gorgeous in person. The only thing is that I work in a restaurant and that is a no-no (having bright nail polish on) so For Audrey may be a bad idea too....lol..Oh well, can't stop the obsession. Anyway, I'm about to do a haul on the colors that are mine, but I'll mention the 3 that Sarah is keeping. Any colors you guys think I should get?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Late night/Early morning ramblings

Morning! It's 5 in the morning in VA... (we seem to have a pattern here huh?)..and once again I can't sleep. I'm getting sleepy finally, so I should be asleep in about an hour or so.
My brother came back from Iraq yesterday for his rest & relaxation. He's home until the 30th. Yay!
School is a very big possibility right now. I think I was able to talk my boyfriend into getting a loan for me, only after I give him $500 as collateral (more like a cushion). So car on May 8th! Maybe. Then tuition is due 5 days later. I'm planning on doing the Nelnet payment plan that is offered through our community college. That means I will have to pay $950 by the 13th, then about $320 for the 2 following months. Books are going to SUCK!!! That is coming directly out of my pocket too....yuck....
Wow, I got tired faster than I thought....I'm hitting the sheets. Until next time, God Bless


Monday, April 12, 2010

My life as I know it

As it is currently 5am in VA, and I am still wide awake... My allergies are killing me. I have no voice to speak of, my eyes are watering like crazy, and I have the sniffles. Oh yay springtime! But anyways, enough complaining. I am without a car, and have been for about 2 and a half months. My last car, a red 2001 Chevrolet Cavalier coupe, got repo-ed on January 26th. Blah. I seem to be having the hardest time buying another car (not that it's any surprise to me that I am having such a hard time.) I think I will be going to an auto auction to purchase my next vehicle, but I need to have $2k at least saved up. Do I have anywhere near that amount...? Not so much. I am still required to pay rent, even though I live at home with the parents. Plus, whenever my sister takes me to work, I give her about $10 for gas, since I do work about 30 minutes away. Also, we recently had a casualty at my house. It was our Linksys router. So who had to shell out the $60 for the new one....*points to herself*...yup..me.
So, I have to pay for my classes this summer, but in order to be able to save up the money to pay for those classes, I need to get a car. So my goal is to have the car by May 1st. I think my boyfriend might help me get a small loan so I can go to the auto auction. *crosses fingers* I hope so at least.
Also, Map Communications finally got in contact with me about training, but alas, I have no vehicle, which means I can't work there yet....Grrr. So I'm trying for that grocery store again...especially since it's within biking distance, so less gas money for me to have to give people. And since it's getting nicer outside, it'll actually be fun for me. There's also a lot of stores and things by Bloom, so I can get another job for the week, and work Carrabba's on the weekends(I would work Bloom and ?? during the week, then Carrabba's Saturday and Sunday night.)
Oh my brain hurts...having allergies is very tiring.... I'm gonna try to sleep. Good night/morning all and God Bless!