On Wednesday We Wear Pink

On Wednesday We Wear Pink
On Wednesday We Wear Pink


Monday, June 7, 2010

Update On My Life

It is once again 5am. I am just starting to get sleepy, but I figured I should update, since it's been a hot minute. I am now 23 years old. My birthday was this past Friday, so I have been 23 a whopping 3 days. LOL. I also am practically guaranteed a job at a local grocery store. Bloom fell through because my customer service manager from Food Lion (when I worked there) made me have a status that means I'm not able to be rehired, for whatever reason, and since Food Lion and Bloom are owned by the same overhead company (Delhaize) I was unable to be rehired. Kinda sucks, but whatever. Farm Fresh will be better I think, because its slightly pricier, so hopefully that means more money. I was unable to pay for summer classes this semester, and I still don't have a car, but that's ok. I am going to work extra hard at Farm Fresh, and save up everything (except for my rent) and I am still going to try to pick up shifts at Carrabba's so that I have less pressure on my Farm Fresh paychecks for rent. I am definitely going to school in the Fall. Once I'm in school, there will be no more rent (that's my mom's rules) so even if I'm paying for school every month (with the payment plan offered through my school) I will still have an extra $300 a month because I won't have to pay rent. I'm aiming to purchase a car by the end of August. *Crosses fingers* I need a set of wheels. Badly. But anyways, I hope ya'll are having a great night/morning, and until next time.... God Bless


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