On Wednesday We Wear Pink

On Wednesday We Wear Pink
On Wednesday We Wear Pink


Thursday, July 15, 2010


Hey guys! I did this nifty nail design on my nails using water marbling... I show you how to do it on my youtube video.

Second half of my Blog Sale

Hey guys! I have decided to sell 4of my Sigma Makeup Brushes. I have gotten many dupes that are just as good and so I really don't need 2 of each of them. The ones I'm selling are the SS194, SS187, S275, and the SS209. They are each $10, plus a shipping cost of $2. These brushes are amazing quality, and I love them so much, but classes are more important than having higher end makeup brushes. Same thing as before. Email me at k_kretchmer@yahoo.com if you see anything you like. =)

New as of 7/22- I need to come up with the last of my tuition, so I am willing to sell the last 4 brushes for $30 including shipping. Email me if you're interested. Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

BLOG SALE- (Price reduction on select items)

So I am having to pay for one of my classes come Fall semester...meaning I hafta have $484 by August 6th. To help with that, I am having a Blog Sale...I have never done of these before, so please be patient. I do have a Paypal account, so that helps. =) I have 1 single MAC eyeshadows (Swish ) 1 MAC quad (its a mineralize quad in Eccentricity), 5 L'Oreal HIP duos (Magnetic, Showy, Spirited, Gilded, Reckless) a MAC brow set (Girl Boy), and a MAC eyeliner pencil (Rave.) I am also selling a Plugged In 1 inch curling iron, a Plugged In 1 inch straightening iron (gets up to 392 degrees, so it's perfect for short thinner hair) and a mini Plugged In straightening iron. My email address where you can send a message requesting whatever item you would like is K_kretchmer@yahoo.com. Then I will email you back with my Paypal email address so you can pay. Once I recieve the payment, I will ship the items out.
Each MAC single eyeshadow is $7.50. All eyeshadows come without the boxes, but I guarantee authenticity. The MAC mineralize quad is $10, without box as well. The L'Oreal HIP duos are $3, unboxed. The MAC Brow Set is $7.50, without box. Lastly, the MAC eyeliner pencil is $8, without the box as well. This was, I believe, a limited edition eyeliner. It is a Pearlglide liner, so it is extremely creamy. I have not figured out how to attach multiple pictures to my blog, but I can email the picture to you, of whichever item you wish to see.
The curling iron is $4, the mini straightening iron is $10, and the regular straightening iron is $20. Shipping for each hair styling tool is $5.
I also am adding $1 for shipping for the cosmetics...I know thats silly, but I hafta pay for that, and I'll end up in the negatives if I don't.

New as of 7/22- I am willing to sell every last thing in this blog to anybody for $60 including shipping. This stuff needs to go ASAP. Tuition is due in 2 weeks, and I'm just a little short on my goal. So email if interested.